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Central Square in Colonnata
We at ItalicaRentals have decided to write this article about the town of Colonnata because in our opinion it is a perfect destination for a half-day trip.

A way to see something different, and even good, while on vacation.

So if you want to eat well and discover a small Apuan village, then keep reading this information on Colonnata.

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Leaning Tower of Pisa

What you need to know about Pisa before visiting it

Pisa is a wonderful city, a tourist dream of many around the world who can't wait to take the picture "supporting" the famous leaning tower - well, today we're going to see what this city has to offer the most attentive tourists and why not maybe it will make you want to buy a villa in Tuscany with a swimming pool.
Among the houses in Tuscany, Pisa has to offer some of the best for those who can appreciate a city that breathes culture. Let's start talking about what to visit to enjoy the city, but what the Pisans like that tourists don't know about?

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Villa Maremma

The area around Grosseto

The province of Grosseto is located in the extreme south of Tuscany, and its territory is characterized by very different areas: in the vicinity of the sea we have in fact the lush plain of the Maremma, while the hinterland is mainly covered by hills.
Along the coast there are also natural reserves, with areas still wild and sparsely populated, where there are wild herds, deer, foxes and wild boar. Scattered on the surrounding hills instead there are ancient medieval villages.

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