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Monteriggioni Castle
Monteriggioni represents one of the most important walled castles in the territory. It has incredibly preserved an intact structure as if time had never passed on the hill from which it elegantly dominates the surrounding landscape.
It is nestled in the province of Siena, between this beautiful city and Colle Val d’Elsa. Its perfect circular perimeter makes one suppose it to be an artficial construction while in actuality it was created by just following the curves in the natural ground.
The castle was built by the Sienese between 1213 and 1219 for defensive purposes: its strategic location atop a hill overlooking the Cassia Road allowed the castle to control the cities of the Val d’Elsa and Staggia and be on the lookout for any armies approaching Siena.

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Summer in Tuscany
The Versilia, located in the northern Tuscany is among the most popular tourist destinations in Italy and Europe at large. A number of people might think that since it is a region in Tuscany, it is full of rustic cottages, fragrant meadows and rolling hills. Although this is the scenic view that you will encounter in Tuscany, it is not as exciting and breath-taking as Versilia.

Here are things to do and places to visit in Versilia this summer:

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River Magra

The Magra River

On the border between the two beautiful Italian regions, Tuscany and Liguria, is the river Magra.
An important river for the area as it starts about 1200 meters above the sea level and spans a length of 70 km before reaching the Mediterranean Sea.
His path extends through the provinces of Massa-Carrara (Tuscany) and La Spezia (Liguria) through the towns of Pontremoli, Licciana Nardi, Aulla, Santo Stefano Magra and Sarzana and ending its run in Liguria in the municipality of Ameglia between the two towns Fiumaretta (left) and Bocca di Magra (on the right).

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