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La scogliera dell'amore in Marina di Massa

La scogliera dell'amore in Marina di Massa

If you have decided to rent a holiday home in Marina di Massa for next summer, know that from today you have one more reason to choose this location as your preferred destination.

This is a very special phenomenon, which does not provide dreamy or postcard backgrounds, but offers an authentic and meaningful history.

You should know that this municipality in Tuscany was once full of colonies, buildings where children were sent between June and September to enjoy the excellent sea air while their parents were busy with city duties.

These were typical institutions of the Fascist regime, of which only a slightly melancholic trace remains today.

These buildings have been disused for a long time, and all that remains of them are faded inscriptions and memories of many years ago.

Scogliera dell'amore in Tuscany

To get to the so-called Cliff of Love, it is necessary to cross this part of the coastline, letting oneself be carried away by the historical and emotional memory that the place jealously preserves.

Once a factory workplace, Massa Marina is still a succession of former workplaces, once glorious Fiat and Olivetti factories, now overgrown and giving the skyline a vintage image somewhere between sad and bucolic.

In fact, many photography enthusiasts come to the site to take a few unique shots, then come across what will be the object of our attention.

Right in front of this rather unassuming backdrop, there is a small pebble beach which, at first superficial glance, is striking only for the clarity of its waters, made transparent by the presence of white stones.

Flag Scogliera dell'amore

However, a more attentive eye cannot fail to notice how a series of detritus occupies the shoreline, such as quartz elements brought by the sea from the Apuan Alps, which colour the shoreline with pretty grey and pink shades.

In this peaceful, almost timeless setting, there are numerous barriers formed by large boulders that try to prevent the beach from being eroded by the sea, which often rages quite violently and consumes the shoreline.

In one of these blocks of stone, perhaps driven by the suggestive and romantic view that only an expanse of salt water can offer to the eyes and heart, a person began to carve the rock with phrases and considerations about love and feelings.

Within a short time, this place, which used to be like so many others, became a place of pilgrimage for curious people and lovers, who go to the beach every day to find out which quote was added.

Verses and figures intertwine in a sweet and delicate combination, where man joins nature without, in this case, overpowering it.

The author of the gesture thus recounts his own personal experience, making it partly universal, since through his aphorisms everyone can draw the lessons they like best and make them their own on the basis of their own experience.

Author of scogliera dell'amore

The Cliff of Love has thus become not only a lovely place to take photos and souvenir selfies with your loved one, but also a powerful and intimate food for thought, to be given to yourself or your partner.

Whether by day or night, people flock to the location and, even when the encounter is purely erotic, the setting offers an emotional vein that colours everything with romance.

So if you have decided to spend the summer renting a holiday home in Marina di Massa or you are only around for a short time, treat yourself to a moment for yourself and to celebrate love in all its forms, losing yourself in the reading of phrases and short aphorisms that tell how powerful this feeling can be, capable of penetrating even the hardest hearts.

Marble in scogliera dell'amore

It is a work of art that only a kind soul could have completed and many wonder who is hiding in such delicacy and goodness of heart.

The answer is simple and can be summed up in one name: Evaristo.

If you decide to visit the place, you will come across this friendly pensioner, who has decided to defy the rush of modern life by giving drawings and profound thoughts to all those who have the goodness to pay attention to him.

He probably remembers an episode from his past every time he uses his chisel and carves a word, perhaps a melancholic event that led him to spend most of his time on what has now become his cliff, where he tries to bring a smile or at least a feeling to his visitors.

Whether young or old, they all stop to gaze in admiration at the work of the nice man, who extols all forms of love connection, not just that between two partners.

Sea Scogliera dell'amore

It is therefore possible to see a mother with her son, two brothers, cousins or, why not, close friends, because everyone experiences this emotion according to their own interiority and experience.

Evaristo's is not only a way of exorcising his own demons, as we all have, but also an opportunity to share his own experience, that of a person of advanced years who has lived through many experiences and has something inside that he wishes to teach others.

In this modern world, which is so fast-paced and tends to make everything digitized and mechanical, a pinch of healthy authenticity can help everyone to see life from the best angle, that of authentic feelings and sensations.

Don't miss the chance to see a romantic modern artist at work, observing with one eye his creations and with the other that sea which forms a frame and which has so much to tell to all those who wish to listen to him.

You will probably find Evaristo composing a verse or a poem, which you can make your own and carry in your heart wherever you go.

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