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Cefalù: the village of poets

Cefalù: the village of poets
Let's launch a challenge: have you ever heard the name Cefalù? This is a word that even in northern Italy brings something to mind. Perhaps you have heard it in some old film, read it in some Sicilian tourism magazine. You certainly know it now because the beautiful village of Cefalù has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Planning your next holiday? Put this town on your list. True, Cefalù is not for everyone, we'll tell you that in no uncertain terms. This is a town of poets, of those who love mystery and ancient legends, of researchers and lovers. That is why it is advisable to book a holiday home, so that you can also enjoy your privacy.
Rich in Sicilian tradition. To say that it is a beautiful place is little, to say that it is romantic is not enough. However, we would like to give you some advice on what you can and should visit, without forgetting the crystal clear sea, so green that it looks like an emerald. The town is located at sea level. The sand is white and fine, but its soul is to be loved without reserve.
Cathedral of Cefalù

A day in Cefalù, but with a promise to return

For nomadic tourists who love Sicilian tradition or for those who have decided to go on an adventure, Cefalù could be the perfect destination. What to do in just one day? First of all you must see the monuments that make it stand out such as:
- Duomo
- The Rocca
- Mandralisca Museum
- Medieval washhouse
- Pescara Gate
- Osterio Magno
- Sanctuary of Gibilmanna
- Parco delle Madonie, where the Norman cathedral is located

Fortunately, the streets are well connected and you can therefore organise your own tour. Tourism in Sicily is very well organised in this typical village. In busy seasons you can even join a guided tour.
From dawn to dusk Cefalù always has something to offer. That's why you won't necessarily need just one day, but that's enough time to get a taste of Sicilian tradition and absorb the mysterious atmosphere of this place.
Even if your holiday only lasts one day, don't forget to have accommodation that is comfortable and pleasant, such as a holiday home available on an overnight basis. To wake up at dawn with the sun reflecting in the crystal clear sea in front of you.

The legends of Cefalù

The first traces of civilisation in Cefalù date back to prehistoric times. Later it became the object of interest of the Greeks, Syracusans and Romans. It was not until the period of Byzantine and Arab rule that the first concrete buildings and town planning became apparent. With a structure of fortifications and drinking water cisterns. Its greatest fame came with the Normans, who made it a strategic military and commercial point.
There are many legends that "cloak" Cefalù. The first comes from mythology, which states that the son of Daphnis and Hermes, following a love affair, decided to throw himself into the sea, to take his own life, on the promontory of the Rocca.
Another legend states that Daphnis, in the midst of a delirium of love disappointment, tried to take his own life on the coast of Cefalù. Zeus took pity on him for his extreme gesture and transformed him into the characteristic promontory of the town.
This episode or legend gave rise to the Sicilian Bucolic Song, typical of Sicilian tradition, which speaks of tragic and disappointed love.

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