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Castle Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

Monte Santa Maria Tiberina is a medieval Italian town with charming and unforgettable panoramic views across the valley and neighbouring Umbria.

When we first stumbled across the ancient streets of Monte Santa Maria Tiberina many years ago, we were struck by the incredible forests of chestnut trees, dominating the surrounding valleys of Umbria and Tuscany, allowing you to gaze with wander down to the Alps, and, on a clear day, to the Gran Sasso d'Abruzzo.

The mild climate of this corner of Umbria means that wherever you stay, you'll be surrounded by greenery, flora and fauna. Plus, if you're an active holiday goer, you'll be impressed by the vast number of trails that are suitable for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking all year round.

When enjoying your preferred past time, you are likely to meet fallow deer, roe deer and squirrels, and admire the impressive flight of kestrels and buzzards.

For lunch times and evening meals, you'll be spoilt for choice with the locally sourced fresh produce and local cuisine.

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River Magra

The Magra River

On the border between the two beautiful Italian regions, Tuscany and Liguria, is the river Magra.
An important river for the area as it starts about 1200 meters above the sea level and spans a length of 70 km before reaching the Mediterranean Sea.
His path extends through the provinces of Massa-Carrara (Tuscany) and La Spezia (Liguria) through the towns of Pontremoli, Licciana Nardi, Aulla, Santo Stefano Magra and Sarzana and ending its run in Liguria in the municipality of Ameglia between the two towns Fiumaretta (left) and Bocca di Magra (on the right).

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Laboratory Barsanti

The Workshop in Pietrasanta

The workshop of Barsanti – one of few family enterprises in Italy which have survived the globalisation. Probably also, because they always placed on the traditional, ancient working processes – marble, wood, mosaic, bronze. Today we are importing from China for little money technically perfect statues – you need taste and knowledge ( and soul) to understand the deep difference between them and the sculptures made by real masters.

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