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Pappa al Pomodoro

The goodness of pappa al pomodoro has won over many people and even famous singers who have even dedicated songs to it. How come? You can't understand it if you don't taste it, but beware that the original and delicious pappa al pomodoro can only be found in Tuscany.

A blackmail that has been declared as the dish of the 'true Mediterranean face'. Simple ingredients, exciting history and intense flavour, but it also hides some legends that few people know.

Among the many curiosities, it is said that even Collodi, Pinocchio's father, loved pappa al pomodoro very much.

So much so that in the original version of the story, there was a passage that spoke of this dish being eaten by Pinocchio and Lucifer.

This is one of the testimonies of how it is a traditional and typical Tuscan dish that often becomes one of the usual and continuous requests of visitors to this region.

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Spiced Coffee

Do you want a coffee but would you like to try a different taste from the usual?

Do you want to impress your
friends with a coffee with warm exotic notes, or simply are you
a coffee lover and do you wish to make it special? The spices
that go well with coffee are many and there are many possible
combinations. You can choose between cocoa, cinnamon, star
anise, cardamom, nutmeg, pepper and many more. There are
no precise doses, all depends on your tastes. With regard to the
type of ground coffee, you should choose a good mixture of
Arabian, whose taste is more delicate. If you are used to buy
coffee already ground you can add the chopped spices and
leave them in a sealed jar ready to use. Do not leave them
already chopped too long though, because they would lose the

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