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Lucca Summer Festival 2024 set for 8 June

Lucca Summer Festival 2024

Italy loves music and that is why the events, concerts, held especially since the beginning of summer, are so popular.

What awaits us in this summer 2024! Inevitably we have to talk about the Lucca Summer Festival, which has decided to amaze the public, both those present at the venue and at home, with international names. Many guests have already confirmed their presence. An exciting event in which the protagonist will be the beautiful city of Lucca in Tuscany.


The date on which the most important event in Italian music will take place is 8 June and it is the Lucca Summer festival.

The event is celebrating its 24th year. From its earliest years, it has been noticed by American and British artists who see a freedom of expression in the beautiful Tuscan countryside that is fully demonstrated in this concert.

Like every year, the stage will be set up in the historic centre of Lucca. Tickets are still on sale, for anyone who wants to attend the performance in person. However, it will also be possible to see it through the various mega-screens that will be placed in different squares and areas of the city. In this way, everyone, even free of charge, will be able to witness this great concert.

Who will be the long-awaited international guests? The first name that has come up is that of Ed Sheeran. After a period of ‘hiatus’, the singer has made a strong comeback on the international music stage and has chosen to be present at the Lucca Summer Festival. In addition to him there will be: Diana Grall, Salmo, Noys Narcn and Calcutta. Internationally, the city awaits: Lenny Kravitz, Smashing Pumpkins and Tedua.

History of the birth of Lucca Summer Festival

Where did this event originate? Thinking about it, it is curious that precisely in Lucca, which is certainly not Milan or Rome, which are cities that make their living from entertainment, there is one of the biggest and most important Italian music events.

It all starts with the creator and organiser Mimmo D'Alessandro. Versilia became a VIP destination again at the end of the Second World War. Tourism was particularly focused on the ‘beautiful nightlife’. So much so that in the 1970s until the late 1990s, Versilia's movida was famous throughout Europe. Discos, events, concerts, celebrities, a place where people enjoyed themselves until dawn.

Mimmo D'Alessandro was an organiser and music promoter who had done his apprenticeship in Versilia and was very famous in 1988. But it was also a time of change. Young people wanted something else and so he had the idea of creating a different event.

Well, the organiser, Mimmo D'Alessandro, decided to develop a concert, back in 1998, in collaboration with the allore president of the province, Tagliasacchi. They both just wanted to create an event that would give young people the opportunity to express their musical talents.

However, the event immediately aroused such strong interest that the first Lucca Summer Festival concert was opened by the famous singer Bob Dylan, who was in love with Tuscany. His performance immediately underlined the importance of this event.

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