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The best Ice Cream in Marina di Carrara

The Best Ice Cream in Marina di Carrara
Surely during each of your summer holidays you have had the opportunity to taste dozens of ice creams, because they refresh during the hot days and because of course we are all greedy.

But the problem is always the same, either we have a favorite ice cream parlor or for each ice cream purchased we go to a different ice cream parlor and we are never satisfied.

If you have a favorite ice cream shop in Marina di Carrara, then I think you can also skip this article because of course you will already know the content. But if you are one of those who have visited them all and are not satisfied yet, I think you are missing one.
Central Square of Marina di Carrara

Some information on Marina di Carrara and surroundings

I know, you wanted to get to know the best Gelateria in Marina di Carrara right away, but be patient, first I have to explain to the reader where we are.

Marina di Carrara is a seaside resort in the municipality of Carrara, in the homonymous province of Massa-Carrara in northern Tuscany. It is located in the most extreme part of Tuscany, on the border with Liguria. Famous for its port, used mainly to transport the precious marble from the Carrara quarries all over the world. But it is also a beautiful place for summer holidays, there are many bathing establishments, restaurants, events such as the beer festival and much more that will make you have fun and have a nice summer.
Located a few kilometers from the famous Versilia and therefore from Forte dei Marmi, Camaiore, Pietrasanta, tourist destinations par excellence.

Are you still thinking about the best ice cream in Marina di Carrara?
We get there right away!

Ice Cream in Tuscany

Why do we write about ice cream?

We decided to let our customers who rent holiday homes in Tuscany know where they can eat a good ice cream without having to waste the precious time they have available in tasting medium-low products.
We rent holiday homes in Marina di Massa and Villas in Versilia and therefore we think that naming this ice cream shop is a must.

Gelateria Rosellini

The Gelateria we have chosen

Obviously this is Gelateria Rosellini, in the central square of Marina di Carrara (at the bottom you will find all the references). The reasons for which we wanted to praise it are many, but I will try to be summarized:

The flavor: nothing to say, it's authentic, natural, if you eat ice cream with a certain flavor, you feel that real taste. Take the Strawberry, it tastes like real strawberry.

Variety: I (who am writing) went to the first opening this year after the winter holidays and they already had 30 flavors to choose from. Not 10, like the classic ice cream shop, but 30! I spent 5 minutes looking at the window to make my choice, which was not easy anyway. They taste like Sacher Cake, Strudel, Nutella Mousse up to the classic Yogurt or Amarena. Trust me, it will be hard to choose.

Price / Quantity: if you look at the photos, I just tell you that the cup cost € 2.50, while the cone only cost € 4. I think the example is enough! No?

Professionalism: the girls at the counter serve hundreds of people a day, always with a smile and great professionalism. Great respect and a great thanks!


If you are in one of our holiday homes for rent by the sea, or if you are passing through Marina di Carrara, take a trip to the Gelateria Rosellini and you will not regret it.

Gelateria Address:
Piazza G. Menconi 4
54033 Marina di Carrara (MS)

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