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My First Vacation in Tuscany After Covid

The pandemic has transformed lives and has confined us to the bounds of our homes. As the months go by, people's stress and frustration levels seem to be rising, and understandably so. No one is used to such conditions! Hopefully, Tuscany will be open for tourism this coming spring and provide the escape we all need. With its gorgeous beaches, calming springs, and remarkable architecture, it will be the perfect destination to let our minds relax.

Following are the top six places in Tuscany you should not miss on your first trip after covid in 2021:
Tuscan Coast

1. The Tuscan Coast

The Tuscan coast is one of the most versatile coasts in the world. You can find beaches with several bathing establishments and beaches with none. From sandy to pebbly to gentle currents to wild currents, there is a lot of variety. Plus, the fact that it has over nineteen Blue Flag beaches represents the beaches' high quality and maintenance. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the beach. If you are into fun-filled nightlife, you should head to the Versilia area and dance your Covid-frustration away. If you want woods to be in your background while you sunbathe, the Pisa region will suit you well.

2. Saturnia

Do you want to know one of Italy's best-kept secrets? It is Saturnia! Traveling can get hectic and busy, and sometimes, one wants a break. This is especially true if the purpose of one's travel was to relax, which is why most of us will be traveling post-covid anyway. In that case, you should plan to visit Saturnia, a collection of gorgeous, clear blue waters heated by the nearby volcano. The springs here are completely free and comfortably hot to the extent that sitting in them feels therapeutic. Undoubtedly, the most relaxing experience you could ask for!

3. Florence

Tuscany's capital, Florence, is a city that needs no introduction. The city is renowned for its inexhaustible fine art reserves, architecture, history and culture, and food. This stunning medieval city is plentily full of medieval and Renaissance buildings and art that one must see while touring Tuscany. A few of Florence's destinations/ items you cannot afford to miss are the Accademia Gallery, Duomo, and the Uffizi Gallery. Feel the freedom as you freely roam through Florence's streets, something we all look forward to being stuck in our houses right now.

4. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

What is the point of traveling if one does not see the famous landmarks in the place? Therefore, while you are in Tuscany, ensure that you plan to visit the popular destinations and landmarks, like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The tower is nothing less than a wonder, and watching it lean is a different experience altogether. Just remember that you book your tickets in advance, as the entrance to the place is endlessly busy.

5. Populonia

If you are into archaeology and history, then Populonia is a destination you would love. It is one of the best-preserved Etruscan archaeological sites, with several well-preserved, well-kempt ancient ruins. The region is beautiful too and allows you to take in spectacular views of the surrounding nature. When you are here, just let the feeling of peace take you and let your brain soothe.

6. Arezzo

Arezzo is a beautiful, ancient town, known to man since the times of the Romans. The city has seen times and cultures evolve and is, therefore, home to remnants of each period. From medieval architecture to town squares, to imposing churches, there is a lot to see and do in the town to rich museums.

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