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Forte dei Marmi - The Million Dollar Question

Forte dei Marmi Center

Who was the first one there - the chicken or the egg?

Who or what has made Forte dei Marmi so famous? Or has Forte made it famous ? Giovanni Agnelli was one of the first in Forte and with him several other celebrities, and the - recently - Belgian Queen, from the origin Calabrian Princess Paola, she is born in Forte dei Marmi and their family owned a holiday villa on opposite to the beach, the associated lido was sold immediately, the villa was bought about 10 years ago by singer Andrea Bocelli. Bocelli is in Forte not on vacation, he lives here permanently with his family.
Forte dei Marmi Statue

Forte dei Marmi and Tourism

Italians put on Forte dei Marmi great value, holiday in Versilia became simply a part of good sound and manners. Some have bought here rustic residences, as Massimo Moratti or the singer Mina. Later, the Russians came. According to legend, the first Russian woman was about 20 years ago in Forte, a wife of an Italian Communist, who rented one of the first holiday homes here, later followed many important Russian personalities - some bought themselves own holiday villas, other rented a holiday home, other were doing business here on the real estate market - restaurants, night clubs and hotels, once renovated they sold them or launched them.
Forte from Sea

Its Visitors

Forte dei Marmi has reminded Beresovskij Boris and his family, often also Roman Abramovic is coming to visit (he came walking on the beach in simple jeans to a restaurant and was rejected because no booking on his name was made and it was full). Other famous people like Oleg Deripaska , Boris Gromov, Oleg Tinkov or Alexei Kudin. Even pop stars or athletes like to come - Dmitry Malikov and Elena, Lada Dance, Sergei Mazajev, Alexander Malinin, Valery Sutkin Yevgeny Kafelnikov. In German-speaking countries more known visitors of Forte are Persons like Briatore, a Luxury Bathhouse co-owner, or the Tengelmann owner Erivan Haub, who celebrated holiday here in 2013.
Forte dei Marmi Jetty

What Forte dei Marmi Offers

The best and fastest here is the bike, so you should not be surprised when a Russian oligarch passes near you. Life goes on in the evening, many boutiques are open until late, includes many famous couture and fashion brands, jewelry and finest antiques, first class restaurants, bars, discos and nightclubs.
If you are looking for luxury , you are right here- it consists wide sandy beaches, where you can still be private, if you want it , you can walk over the sea, on almost 300 meters long bridge, on which the marble once was shipped, the Museum of Satire and caricature is also worth to be seeing. Marble quarries in the field of view, one can arrange great tours, Seravezza often impresses with great exhibitions and Forte ? Please do not forget Wednesdays market - you can see in the morning the full motorway exit, cars , coming from Parma , Florence and other cities.

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