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Pisa - A city to discover

Leaning Tower of Pisa

What you need to know about Pisa before visiting it

Pisa is a wonderful city, a tourist dream of many around the world who can't wait to take the picture "supporting" the famous leaning tower - well, today we're going to see what this city has to offer the most attentive tourists and why not maybe it will make you want to buy a villa in Tuscany with a swimming pool.
Among the houses in Tuscany, Pisa has to offer some of the best for those who can appreciate a city that breathes culture. Let's start talking about what to visit to enjoy the city, but what the Pisans like that tourists don't know about?
Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa

Pisa - What to see?

Most of the tourists who visit Pisa will do nothing but visit the Leaning Tower and stroll around Piazza dei Miracoli, nothing negative, but the city has much more to offer!
Once removed the whim of the main attractions we can wander around to observe how the locals live the city, savoring an excellent homemade ice cream in the many traditional ice cream parlors, indulging in an aperitif in Piazza delle Vettovaglie, following life in Piazza Garibaldi, only to conclude the evening on the Arno, meeting place and perfect glimpse to observe a magical sunset.
In short, if you only have the patience to discover the city, you will discover a wonderful place full of culture and tradition.

What not everyone knows about Pisa

If you are thinking of buying a villa in Tuscany with a swimming pool it is perhaps good that you know a thing or two about the area - well, first of all you should know that although in the 18th century the city didn't look as bright as today, in fact it was almost uninhabited and populated by weeds, only with time has it been populated by culture and history.
But it is also true that Leopardi said he saw the most beautiful sunset in Pisa, preferring those of Venice.

There would still be much to say, but perhaps visiting the city is better!

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