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What Can I Visit In Versilia (Tuscany) 2018 In Summer?

Summer in Tuscany
The Versilia, located in the northern Tuscany is among the most popular tourist destinations in Italy and Europe at large. A number of people might think that since it is a region in Tuscany, it is full of rustic cottages, fragrant meadows and rolling hills. Although this is the scenic view that you will encounter in Tuscany, it is not as exciting and breath-taking as Versilia.

Here are things to do and places to visit in Versilia this summer:

Relax at the beach

Versilia is known as a secret Riviera in Italy for obvious reasons. The area boasts of over 25 kilometers of coastline with several bath establishments for all budgets where you can relax under the sun, rent beach cabanas and enjoy various delicacies at the different restaurants in the area. However, if you are an adventurer who enjoys a wild free beach, you can visit the Lecciona beach found in Viareggio.

Visit the artistic town of Pietrasanta

This is a lovely town located at the foot of the Apuan Alps and if known worldwide for the marble and bronze processing. Most Italians call this town the ‘Little Athens’ because famous artists like Mitoraj and Botero decided to work and settle in this town. There are several art galleries, marble and mosaic workshops, beautiful bars and restaurants. If you enjoy art and love scenic views, this is the town to visit in Versilia.

Do some shopping at Forte dei Marmi

This is serene upscale seaside resort popular in Italy and around the world for its exclusive boutiques, good restaurants and world class bars. During the summer especially on Wednesday and Sundays, the Piazza Marconi holds the Forte dei Marmi market, where people buy quality clothes and furniture for their homes.

Go at the opera

One thing that defines Italian culture is their love for classical music. You do not have to be an Italian to enjoy this type of music. It is relaxing and quite enjoyable especially if performed in an open theatre. Right opposite the shore of the lake is the open air theatre of Torre del Lago which hosts the Puccini Festival. This festival usually takes place in July and August every year in honor of the great Maestro Puccini Giacomo. Renown international opera singers and conductors perform here.

Go for a hike along the alpine tracks

The Apuan Alps have the higest peaks in Tuscany. Therefore, if you are lover of outdoor activities and hiking, this is a place you should consider visiting. Actually, it is part of the Global Geopark Network of the UNESCO. So, why not make your own history by hiking along the panaromic tracks?

There are plenty of places to visit, things to do and see in Versilia. If you are looking for a place that is adventurers, fun, relaxing, entertaining, all in one place, you should consider visiting this great tourist destination in Tuscany.

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