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Michelangelo's heirs in Pietrasanta - Workshop Barsanti

Laboratory Barsanti

The Workshop in Pietrasanta

The workshop of Barsanti – one of few family enterprises in Italy which have survived the globalisation. Probably also, because they always placed on the traditional, ancient working processes – marble, wood, mosaic, bronze. Today we are importing from China for little money technically perfect statues – you need taste and knowledge ( and soul) to understand the deep difference between them and the sculptures made by real masters.
Mosaic Work

Their works

They do provide here mosaic for churches around the world – stone by stone is adapted handmade, tones are selected, these are originals in the true sense of the word. With the Bronze one feels like in the Middle Ages, just fantastically. And then the works from the really divine stone – marble. The masters are dusted like with powdered sugar, everybody chisels and mills in his object – whether this should become an urban statue, or a husband wants to perpetuate his woman in the stone with the help of a photo – here is everything possible.
Marble Laboratory

The Origin

The workshop of Barsanti was founded in 1882 namely by Martino Barsanti in the small tuscan small town - Pietrasanta – here is still the villa Barsanti , built on the beginning of 20 century with many marble sculptures connect them with main entrances and balustrades – which are still increased by a very special sea view. Today the workshop works in 5th generation under the care of Gino Barsanti, he studied art, sign and marble works on the oldest school in Italy, his son and heir Emmanuele (studied business management ) deals with the strategical development of the society and their jump on the foreign markets.
Marble Statue

Carrara Marble

The workshop is not far from the known marble quarries from which everlasting "Carrara bianco" is covered and on which already Michelangelo swore when he has selected personally a stone block for his David exactly here. One said the soul of the universe.
Gino Barsanti -says the nicest history is, that in the last century some of the people who have learnt with us in the workshop have become big enterprisers and some of it even our competition.
Statue in Pietrasanta

Visit the Workshop

Tuscany – the cradle of the rebirth, the inexhaustible spring of the inspiration for the modern masters. Would you like visit the workshop? Appeal to us.

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