Recommended Holiday Properties in Italy

From € 490
per week

Location:  ► 
Type: Holiday Home
Sleeps: 7, Bedrooms: 3

From € 2100
per week

Location:  ► 
Type: Villa
Sleeps: 11, Bedrooms: 5

From € 600
per week

Location:  ► 
Type: Holiday Home
Sleeps: 5, Bedrooms: 3

From € 840
per week

Location:  ► 
Type: Villa
Sleeps: 10, Bedrooms: 5

Holiday Rentals in Versilia

Holiday Rentals Versilia

Find your perfect Holiday Home by the Sea in Versilia.
You will find different holiday rentals in Forte dei Marmi, Montignoso, Marina di Massa and much more.
Also with and without private Pool.


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Vacation Homes for your Pet

Holiday Homes for Pets

Find the right Holiday Home in Italy where your Pets are Welcome!

Pets Admitted

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Villas in Tuscany for Rent

Villas for Rent in Tuscany

Choose between hundreds of Villas for Rent in Tuscany.
With or without Pool.
For 2 People or for 20.
Here you will find the right one.

Villas in Tuscany

At ItalicaRentals, we appreciate the love and passion for tourism and travel, and work to help you plan your holiday trip to Italy. We work as a team of collaborative and friendly tour operators, who can help you, make your dream holiday come true. If you wish to plan a vacation in the culturally rich expanses of Italy, we ensure that accommodation no more remains an issue to tackle for you. We offer a wide range of accommodation options, to make your holiday in Italy all the more memorable and convenient. Availing our services, you can rent villas and holiday homes in Italy, for a convenient stay.

We make your holidays more enjoyable in the colourful surroundings of Italy, taking it upon ourselves to take care of booking a suitable accommodation for you. When on a holiday in Italy, we offer comfortable and practical accommodation choices, allowing you to experience Italy in all its essence. Relying on us to take care of your stay in the vibrant and beautiful surroundings of Italy, you can make your holiday experience more enjoyable and wholesome. Breathing in flavoursome aromas of delectable Italian food and being captured by the distinct Italian culture and sights, you can make your holiday memories one of the most cherished ones of your life.

At ItalicaRentals, we consider all your requirements and preferences, before facilitating you with your search for the perfect home in Italy. Whether you are interested in buying a permanent residence, as a home away from home, or you wish to rent a holiday villa in Italy, we offer you with practical and affordable accommodation solutions at reasonable prices. We give due regard to all your preferences and provide you with accommodation options that fit your requirements and budgets.

You might be interested in staying at a place close to the colourful local markets of Italy, or you may prefer a stay at a cottage in the secluded countryside; we at ItalicaRentals offer you with the best possible options for your stay. Whether it’s an apartment or you would prefer a stay at a Tuscany luxury villa, our team can provide you with a variety of staying options including holiday farmhouses, cottages, farms, country lodges, holiday homes and luxury villas in Italy.

At ItalicaRentals, we sincerely appreciate your fervour for exploring Italy, its culture, food, people, lifestyle and scenic beauty. Hence, we cooperate with you to make your holiday more relaxing and fun. As we believe in making things happen for you, we help you plan your dream holiday to Italy, as you embark on a trip to discover the distinctive and rich Italian culture, beautiful countryside and vibrant local markets.

Many wish to travel to Italy to have taste of the authentic and delicious Italian food, while others are captured by the vibrant and colourful surroundings of the country. The distinguished character of Italy, with its vibrant culture and lively people, is enough to fascinate travellers and tourists to visit the region.

If you wish to spend a relaxing holiday in the Italian country side, or have an enjoyable holiday experience in the dynamic Italian surroundings, we at ItalicaRentals, present you with a variety of accommodation options. We offer a range of holiday homes and rent villas in Italy, chosen to fit your requirements and budgets.

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